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Giving Thanks Farm

Welcome to our family farm

Our farm and on-farm store is located in Montgomery County, Tennessee.  We strive to honor the past as we move forward in the future.

We are currently offering whole, and specialty cuts of Pasture Raised Chickens, and will be taking orders for Pasture Raised Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015 starting in April.  Quantities are limited.  We also offer pasture raised Muscovy Ducks, whole with their giblets, and chicken eggs
We partner with another local farmer who raises Certified Piedmontese Beef and Hereford cross hogs for us.  See below and on our Farm Store page for more details!

Our pastured eggs and meats are
Non-GMO. There are no antibiotics or added hormones ever! Our meats are all no added nitrates/nitrites, no MSG, no Gluten and no fillers!

At Giving Thanks Farm, we believe that when an animal gives its life so we may eat, it deserves the utmost respect. Our traditional, heritage farming methods provide our birds with the respect and care they deserve. Our turkeys, chickens, and ducks spend each day free-ranging in our chemical-free pastures. We supplement their diets with a feed that is non-GMO, antibiotic-free, NO added hormones, and NO mammalian by-products, being produced by a local farmer who raises the grains and mills the feed for us. 
And, when the time comes, they are humanely handled by a USDA-inspected processing facility.
By providing the best possible lives for our birds, we provide the best possible birds and eggs for your table.

We receive our birds soon after hatching and they are only fed at our farm, which ensures that they are free of chemicals, antibiotics and added growth hormones throughout their entire lives.  Starting in 2015, we are hatching all of our own Heritage turkeys!


Our Certified Piedmontese Beef graze on pasture DAILY through the finishing period. Our grains are non-GMO. They achieve their amazing depth of flavor through naturally occuring superior genetics!  Our Beef are naturally double muscled, tender, lower in fat and lower in cholesterol than other commercial and heritage beef. And because they are so lean, naturally higher in Omega-3s!

Our hogs are also pasture raised.  They are finished on feed that is non-GMO.   There are no antibiotics, and no added hormones ever used. Our pork has no added nitrates, no MSG, no gluten and no fillers ever!
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